Spring water is one of the purest and sought after water sources. An artesian spring source is protected and pressurized until it flows above ground. Find out more information in the Artesian page.
Artesian Springs water has a complex, symbiotic balance of trace minerals that enhance flavour and contribute to your body’s optimal pH.  This balance is what makes this water Alkaline in comparison to other commercially-delivered water and tap water, which are often in a highly acid state due to the mechanical filtration and/or distillation processes used to make the water fit for drinking.  These waters do not typically or consistently have trace minerals present, unless they have been artificially added.

The trace minerals contained within Artesian Springs water are the original and natural way of ensuring these elements are available for our metabolism.  Drinking Artesian Springs water on a daily basis is also a powerful means of offsetting the fact that many of our foods are nutritionally deficient due to the mineral depletion of soils in our food system.